Vending Zone at RKV Road
RKV Road is 290m alligned between the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo Complex, Napier museum and Kanakakunnu Palace Grounds. This road leads to Nishagandhi Auditorium which is the hub of cultural events. Due to these crowd pullers,This area is always active and thus attracted street vendors who is vending in this space for 15 years. SCTL has proposed clear demarkation for vending zone, landscape & parking in RKV road. Vending zone would have pedestrian dominant street stretch(7.5m wide footpath), prefabricated shops, seating area, drinking water kiosk, waste segregation bin and common wash area. Parking area would have space for 30 four wheeler and 35 two wheeler parking. LED display would be provided at the entry point along with landscaped waiting area and EAuto Parking area.